Thursday, April 9, 2009

Back from the Races!

We are back from Texas Motor Speedway and, as always, it was a total blast! There is just nothing quite like picking rubber out of your ears for three days straight, battling a sunburn, and having your ears ring for a week! LOL! If only I could find a way to put the smell of the race in a bottle! And, there is just something about the fact that when you leave the races, you think your a NASCAR driver for about a week or until you get pulled over, which ever happens to come first. So far, so good though! LOL

The first pic is of me and my hubby at the Sprint Experience. I chose to post this one because I actually didn't HATE the way I looked in it for once. The other pic is of Jeff Gordon doing his victory lap after winning and making history. Not a big Gordon fan, but it was pretty to cool to be there when he won his first race at Texas that also happened to make him the only driver to have ever won on every single NASCAR track that currently exists. Neat, huh?!
Other than freezing our bums off Sunday thanks to cold front that moved in with violent winds, it was soooo much fun. A much needed break for the two of us and another couple we always go with. Oh, and our son went to a band contest while we were gone and they scored all SUPERIOR ratings! Now, they are off to Tri-State!! YAY!!! Can't wait to scrap all my new photos!!

Happy Scrapping!


Leanne said...

I'm sooo glad you had a great time!! But I MISSED YOU!!! My DH is a Jeff Gordan fan (everyone rags him about it!) he would have loved to have been at this race! The picture of you and your DH is great but I totally understand I'm using behind the camera instead of in front of it hee hee! Congrats on your son also! Good to see you back!!

Enfys said...

You make it sound so exciting Crystal. I would love to go just for the experience. I wouldn't have a clue what was going on of course, although Mike follows it on TV when we are here in the States.
Have a wonderful Easter weekend

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