Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A VERY Inexpensive Bow & Some Snapshots

I finally got my tree up! Yes, finally! It was a lighting nightmare. It's pre-lit but some fuses went out and it took me two days to get it working. It is a running joke in my family now about me and Christmas lights. Every year, and I do mean every year, I have some type of problem with lights. I figured I would eliminate that a couple years ago when we bought our pre-lit tree. Nope...I still have to fight it!So, I decided to do a different topper this year and kept seeing such pretty bows with the ribbons streaming down. And boy, were some of them expensive! So, I made my own. And I did it all with a few staples and a roll of ribbon from the Dollar Tree! The ribbon was $1 for 30 yards! One heck of a deal. Then I did my streamers coming down, and I think it looks pretty good if I may so myself!

And here is a pic of some ornaments. I thought these turned out really pretty!

And here is the boy and the fur baby. So cute!

Our gorgeous son!

And our adorable fur baby! Isn't he just precious?!

We are hoping this weekend to get our Christmas shopping done and out of the way. And I am hoping to get all my baking done, teachers' gifts finished and make a few more items. Whew! It is going to be a busy weekend! How are y'all doing on your shopping?

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laterg8r said...

lovely and inexpensive bow :D

Aeify said...

Great Bow and cute kiddos!

Curt in Carmel said...

You did a FANTASTIC job with your tree bow! Wow it is beautiful. I've not seen any better anywhere! Super job. Your son and your dog are both handsome! What great photos! Best, Curt

Sandy said...

Ohhhh the bow is fabulous...and the pix are outstanding...all so wonderful...thanx for sharing the season with us...hope it is all you want and more!

Beth said...

your son IS gorgeous! he is going to be such the ladies man! And what a cute pup! you KNOW I am a sucker for dogs!
Gorgeous tree hun and great job on the bow !Now that is one thing I just can not do...tie a pretty bow! lol

sweetpicklesandchocolate said...

Wow! that is an awesome bow!
Can I have your cute dog???

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