Monday, June 15, 2009

Missing Mojo...

I have lost my mojo. Well, I am sure it is somewhere around my craft room, but I sure can't seem to find it. It seems lately that no matter what I cannot get inspired. Well, at least not by the time I get home from work, tackle the house, cook dinner, care for the family and then find time for myself anyway. Usually I am pretty good about completing a few projects a week. Lately, zilch, nada, zip. I got nothing. I have one layout I have been working on for two, going on three weeks now of my husband. It is about 3/4 complete. Same thing with another layout I started this weekend. Nearly complete; can't finish it. Managed to get the card done for the last WSB challenge but just barely. And, it seemed so simple to me and I just wasn't too impressed with my work. Don't know what it is lately, but I sure could use some advice.

So, what do y'all do when you feel a lack of inspiration or your mojo is missing? Is there a certain something you do to get going again? Is there a certain place you visit for ideas? Please share because right now I have so much I need to get done, but I just don't know what to do. Never really had it this bad before. It's kinda like really bad writer's block, which I have experienced, but came out of okay. This, well it really has me down because I can't seem to do what I love doing. Weird huh?!

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Leanne said...

Crystal, I know exactly how you feel!! Right now everytime I want to make something my mine goes blank. I've been wanting to start our challenge but for the life of me I can't think of nothing with a S!! Now how bad is that??? I hope you find yours soon and when you do spread some this way!!! Sometimes looking thru all your cricut carts helps! Sometimes something will jump out at ya!

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