Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Still Behind....

So, today I was going to be posting another card or layout so that I would be caught up with the challenges over at Pile It On. But nooooo, that did not happen. Why you may ask? Well, because I got the joy of staying up late making batches of potato salad and deviled eggs for a retirement party at my hubby's work.

I finally get home last night from work and dear hubby tells me that he was just told to bring a dish for the potluck retirement party. I asked them if they were taking cues from our son's school since one time several years ago I got the joy of baking 5 dozen cookies with less than 12 hours notice. Good thing I love to cook and bake - especially bake! Not mentioning sampling and eating too! LOL!

So, yesterday evening I spent my time cooking and by 11 pm I was done and definitely ready for bed. So much for my card! Hopefully it will get done tonight and nothing else pops up! At least my hubby really appreciated me not freaking out about the last moment's notice and just running into the kitchen to get things done. I know they will have such a good time today!

On another note, here is a pic of hubby and me from Sunday night. We went to the local comedy club, Loony Bin, for our brother in law's 30th birthday party. We had an absolute blast and the comedians were fantastic! If you look real close, our name tags Andy's sister got for everyone said, "Old Fart's Friend!" Lots of family, friends, and laughter!

Happy Scrapping!


Anonymous said...

cute pic! And what a good wife, not freaking out about the last minute need for a potluck dish!

Leanne said...

This is a great picture of you & hubby! Sounds like ya'll had alot of fun! I know what cha mean everytime here lately I want to play in my scrap room something comes up! Thanks so much for all the sweet comments you left me. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!

Beth Perry said...

oooo hot mama!! I love that sassy, sexy hair! Comedy clubs are fun, haven't been to one in a while! Well, keep on cooking! lol
Glad to catch up with you. I had such a blast this past weekend, but I still feel like I am 'catching up' on everything! lol

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