Monday, July 26, 2010

My new favorite toy!

Okay, my new favorite toy is not a crafty one, so please forgive me! But, I am so in love with it I just had to share with y'all! And no, I am not a spokesperson for the product or anything, I just really, really, really like it! I am in love with my....mop! Hubby better watch out I guess...hehehe!

I finally got a Shark Steam Mop & I am so very happy about it! I have wanted for awhile...I know I am a dork...but I love the idea that I don't have to buy anything for it like my Swiffer Wet Jet, that it is environmentally friendly, & gets rid of bacteria lurking on your floors. So, I rushed right home after purchasing it and went to town...& was very, very pleased with the results! So easy to do as well...very light weight and produces a bunch of steam - so be careful! Also got a heck of a deal too...only paid $30 for it brand new! Saved myself about $70 bucks - thanks Wal-Mart! Anyway, I just wanted to post my new fave addiction...mopping my floors! LOL!!! Hugs!


laterg8r said...

too funny what we can get excited about :D

Leah said...

OOOO...will have to check into this as I use the Swiffer and though I really like it, it is annoying to have to buy the pads and cleaner refill. I'll have to check my Walmart. I get excited about things like this too:) I love clean floors!!

Cassie_lu said...

i've been eyeing it myself and have been wondering just how well it works. glad you like it

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