Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Going Green!!

St. Patty's Day is just around the corner and that is the focus of our most recent challenge on the Whimsical Scraps & Bugs site! Take a moment to jump on over to the site to get all the details. We would love to see what everyone comes up with as we think this challenge will be a blast! Just make sure to put those Cricuts to good use!

I will hopefully have my card done later tonight and it will be posted by the end of the week, too. Super excited about this challenge - maybe because green is my fav color! LOL

Happy Scrapping!


The Beauchamp Family said...

You have awesome taste in music as well! I have checked out some of their other songs and LOVE them! Great band! TTYL!

Beth Perry said...

Hey girl! I jumped over from VP. I thought I had visited your site before, but I guess not. I REALLY like your work and I LOVE LOVE that Spring card below. THose colors are the bomb!
I hope you are having a great week! ;P

Suz said...

I had saw your post on VP & was checking out the WS&B blog open on my tab. Both are great sites. You're so creative.

Then I put 2 & 2 together & saw you had visited my blog yesterday... thanks so much for the sweet comments.

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