Monday, March 23, 2009

Texas Moment

This is the cover page for the 2008 section of our Texas Longhorn Scrapbook. Every August we go down to Austin for the UT Fan Appreciation Day. We spend at least 4-5 days exploring something new every year. It is one of our absolute fav cities to visit. Plus we have family nearby we visit too! I have completed most of the other pages for this year, but hadn't done the cover/journal page yet. Finally got it done and am so happy!
No Cricut on this layout! Isn't that absolutely amazing for me?!! Trying not to depend on it so much and explore other creative avenues. This layout is a few shots of the campus along with some postcards I picked up on Sixth Street. The longhorn is a die cut I got from an LSS down there, Felicia's Scrapbooks, and then I used a few different colors to paint it. My fav thing about this layout though is the little scrap of leather at the bottom. I have been packing this little piece of an old luggage handle around for the longest. Finally used it and was so glad. I used American Crafts rub ons for the word and the flower on the strip of leather.The other thing I like is the beer bottlecaps I used. My hubby thought I was crazy when I asked him to save them, but they finally turned up on something and he liked it. He has kind of gotten used to my exclamation of, "Don't throw that away! I can use it for scrapping!" Bless his heart!

Happy Scrapping!

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Leanne said...

I absolutely love this layout. I mean literally everything about it!! I never would have thought to save beer tops! I love the Longhorn and the leather strip. You did such a great job!!! I've been to Austin once many years ago. I wish I could go back someday. Leanne

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