Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Spring break is here and the kiddo is out of school so I am taking off the next few days to spend some quality time with him. Just a little stay at home vacation that is very much needed. I have some fun things planned - kayaking, museum exhibit, maybe the zoo and who knows, we might throw in some rock climbing too!! Just me and the kid (and the fur baby) chillin' at home! Ooohh, and I almost forgot, sleeping late! Really lookin' forward to that!! LOL!
I don't plan on posting anything the rest of the week, but I do plan to get a lot of scrappin' done though! Gonnna stay busy, busy, busy both day and night!! So, when I get back expect a major amount of posts!
In the meantime, keep your mind on blog candy because when I get back Online, that is exactly what I will have! Yummy Blog Candy! Will post a pic of it the first part of next week and give everyone a chance to get the goodies! Take care!!
Happy Scrapping!


Leanne said...

Enjoy your week!! It's always great having that quality time with our kids!!

Rachel said...

enjoy your time off! have lots of fun!!

Beth Perry said...

Have fun and I love your layout below! :P

Leanne said...

Hey Crystal! Hope you had a great week with your son! Can you email me Tobusyscrapping@bellsouth.net I have a question on how to do something and was wondering if you could help. I don't have your email address or I would email you!
Thanks, Leanne

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