Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Blog Candy!!!!!

Mmmm...don't you just love candy?! Blog candy that is!!! Well I got some yummy blog candy that will hopefully put you in the mood for spring!A Making Memories paper kit from their Garden Party collection that includes multiple sheets of patterned paper, die cuts (flowers, shapes, etc.), and stickers, as well as some Making Memories letter stickers, two spools of American Craft ribbon, and some skittles! All in coordinating colors so you could make such a cute spring or easter page!
What must you do for the blog candy you ask? Simply leave me a comment in this post. If you would like to double your chance of winning, become a follower of my blog. And, if you want to triple your chances of winning, post this blog candy link in your own blog - linking to my site - then leave me the link in the comments letting me know. However, you want to enter is fine. One way, every way, just tell me how you are entering when you post in the comment section.
You have until 5 p.m. Monday March 30th to enter. On Tuesday, March 31st, I will do a random drawing to see who the lucky winner is!! I will keep this post at the top of my blog until then for everyone to see!

Happy Scrapping & Good Luck!


juststartedscrappin said...

I love candy!! I am becoming a follower and posting it on my site

Katie said...

YAY! Spring candy! The best kind their is!

Jewlez Scrapn' said...

Spring Candy, yes yes yes...LOL I'm going to be a follower and post it to my blog



Leanne said...

Yum, I love some blog candy!! I am already a follower and I put a link on my blog.
Thanks for doing this awesome rak!! Leanne

BethSmith2 said...

I want in on this treat!

Scrapn Rme Yf said...

Pick me. please, please, please, .....

Love your LOs.

Anonymous said...

Mmm... those colors remind me of candy and spring, which definitely isn't showing it's face here in Washington. Bummer! I just became a follower of your blog! Love it. And thanks for the chance to win!

3Martigurls said...

Thank you for the candy. Your blog is wonderful!

Jacquie Hart said...

WOW that is a lovely Candy thanks for sharing

I became a follower to your blog and I am also posting it at my blog

Beth Perry said...

hey honey!! I hope you are having a good week so far! that is some yummy springy eye candy! lol
I had so much fun making that vintage book. I think I am going to do another one along with anyone that wants to participate later next month at Vintage Plum. I will keep you posted if you want me to! (it will be free and will have giveways.hhee)

ephraz said...

your candy Is really special, it's so cute! Thank you very much for the opportunity to get ti!

Meital T said...

nice candy! would love to win it.

gallish said...

What a great candy! Thanks!!

and now Im also a follower :-)


Daniella said...

Lovely candy!
thank you for the inspiration and for the chance to win this spring candy!

may-chu said...

oh, I just love the colors of the items in this candy!
it makes me smile! :)

there, I blogged:

Colargolet said...

Truly a lovely candy, thanks for the chance to win!
good luck and best wishes...
I've linked you in my candy Jar and also now a follower.

havivaa said...

WOW i love it - that is a lovely Candy.
thanks for sharing us.

linking to my blog

Yifatiii said...

WOW, sweet candy ♥
Thank you very much for the opportunity to win this candy!

Maya said...

I just love the colors of the items in this candy! Thanks for the chance to win.

shoshana said...

love spring
love spring candy

הגר said...

super cute blog & blog candy! :-)

נחמן said...

great candy! thank u 4 the chance to win it

efrat said...

Yummy candy! thanks for the chance to win

krissymissy said...

Great choice on the background for your blog. I have it too. Cutestblogontheblock ROCKS my world.
I love blog candy. I will post a link to your blog and follow you.

Adi said...

Thank you for the sweet candy!

Adi said...

oh and I'm following your blog too :)

craftaddict said...

Hi, just became a follower, only found out how to do that earlier today!
Lovely candy, lovely colours thanks for a chance of winning.


Beth Perry said...

OMG,girl..I so know what you mean.(i bought some books recently just b/c they were similar to the ones I read at gma's house. ;)) If you think you can part with one (well, at least partially)..yes, please make a vintage one with old pics (if you have them..) b/c that would be so awesome. You could fill it with memories of her. That would be so beautifully inspiring!
Keep me posted. Did you sign up for an acct over there? Sorry, if I missed you. But, make sure you tell me when/if you do and if you have a username I wouldn't be used to.
Talk back soon! :P

Beth Perry said...

Duh!! hahaha I am so retarded sometimes!!
I kept thinking I 'met' you thru our blogs.
But, I think we actually did thru VP, right?! lol
It just seems we have "known" each other longer than weird.
You do any creating tonight?
I pretty much just fiddled.
Talk to you soon!

The Memory Keeper said...

Love this paper! TFS!

Gi Gi said...

Love the colours of the candy! I just found your blog and I enjoy what I see so far. Can't wait to see what you come up with next! Keep up the great work and thank you =)

noa danon said...

spring is great, and I lover the colors!

thank you for the chance to win the cute candy!

I don't have a blog, but I am your new follower :)


Yifat said...

Wow I love the items here... I hope I'll win this!!!!


Krista Hanna said...

very nice giveaway ;) I have some of this paper from last year and just love it! I am joining your followers too ;)

Zehavit Shaked said...

I love some blog candy
I'm becoming a follower to your blog

Staci said...

I am becoming a follower, and posting a link on my scrap booking blog. It's on my sidebar.

Beth Perry said...

TGIF babe!! :D

Beth Perry said...

hahaha I know!! I am stupid, I kept thinking I knew you from your blog, but I think we "met" through VP and then hit each other's blogs. Anyways..just a blond moment. Dont' mind me..nothing to see here, folks...move it along...

your gma's book will be neat..and I will probably HAVE to show it off! :D
Have a good weekend!

inbar said...

What a great candy! Thanks!!

inbar said...

and i forgot to say - 10X Im also a follower now

Anonymous said...

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