Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Simple Christmas Card

I am actually attempting to make some of my own Christmas cards this year for at least my closest friends and family members. I have been into card making less than a year so I am still learning so many new things.

This card is actually super easy and is the product of an old, scrap Christmas card. I simply cut up the old card the way I wanted to use it and used it to help embellish the cardstock. I also added some ribbons and stickles to jazz it up a little.

Like I said, it is pretty simple, but my hubby liked it a lot so that is good enough for me. Plan to work on a few more in the coming weeks for everyone to see as well!! I have some new Stampin' Up products to play with and some new techniques I want to try so I am super excited!!

Happy Scrapping!

1 comment:

orchids R4me said...

Awesome card! I have been doing my cards less than a year also. I was more into doing the scrapbooks, but my BF got me to start cards, so now I am addicted.
You did a wonderful job.... Hope to see more!

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