Monday, August 3, 2009

Farewell My Friend & Lovely Anniversary

I am blessed enough to work in a small office with people I like. One of those people, Annette, is moving to Virginia for two years as her husband is in the Air Force. She is one of my very best friends and our children are also friends. Actually, our son just left on a church mission trip with her three children today and will be gone a week. I know they are going to have such a good time while doing God's work!

Anyway, Friday night after work, the boss took us out to Bossa Nova At The Top, a little rooftop restaurant and bar in downtown Oklahoma City. Annette chose it because Duke Ellington's neice was performing that night and there is nothing like good jazz music, drinks, conversation, & friends! We had such a great time & I am going to miss Annette dearly. They will leave for a few weeks and she is still going to handle some accounts for us via telephone & web cam, but it won't be the same. My partner in crime will be 20 hours away & if I think about it too much I will cry. But, I am so happy for her and her family and it will be such an adventure for them. We are already planning a family vacation to visit them during spring break and I can't wait until it gets here! I love you so much Annette! She is such a beautiful person, both inside & out!!!

Hubby and I also went and stayed at a hotel Saturday for our anniversary & it was so great just to get away for awhile! But completely unlike me, I didn't take any photos! Can you believe it! I got so wrapped up in what we were doing and had so much fun I didn't even think about it! We had a wonderful meal, with a round of drinks on the house for our anniversary, and then went swimming and had great conversation. The hotel room was absolutely fabulous and very elegant - wish I had taken photos! Breakfast the next morning was terrific but then it was back home for life as we know it! My mom was super nice enough to stay with both the kid and the fur baby while we were gone so everything was in one piece when we returned! LoL! My hubby loved the card btw and got me a small something anyway - a graphic novel I had eyed at a local comic book store awhile back. He remembered and I read it yesterday when we got home from the hotel. It was such a great weekend & I wish it had never ended!

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Anonymous said...

sounds like a great time! Sorry your friend is moving away though.

Leanne said...

Sorry about your friend Crystal. I don't know if your like me but sometimes I struggle with change. I know this will be hard on you but maybe ya'll can stay in touch! Sounds like you had a great anniversary!

Steph said...

I'm sorry your friend is moving, I know exactly what you must be going through. My best friend lives 2000 miles from me, and it's hard. We text each other all day long though LOL. And I went to visit in April. It's hard and I hope you can still stay connected across the miles :] I'm glad you had a great weekend though!!

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