Thursday, August 27, 2009

More Blog Awards!

I am so blessed to have made so many fabulous friends through my scrapping! That is probably my fav thing about this awesome hobby! There are so many sweet and talented people out there willing to share their love with others!

This particular blog award came from a super sweetie I met through us being together on The Lime Light DT! Sammye Jo is an amazing crafter, has the cutest stuff in her store and is super sweet too! I just think she rocks! For this award I am too name five things I love and give it away to five others too. So here goes....
I love...God, my family, making wonderful scrappy friends, crafting, and Mt. Dew (hehe)!

Now to give this to five people I adore:
This cute little award is one that my dear friend (love ya girl!) Leanne gave to me! She is just so amazingly creative and such a great person too! We have so much in common and if I don't watch myself, could totally run up one heck of a cell bill talking to her! I get to share this award with 12 other people which is just so much fun! So here goes!

1. Sammye Jo
2. Stephanie
3. Callista
4. Cindy
5. Jenny
6. Christina
7. Alicia
8. Amanda
9. Brenda
10. Jenny B.
11. Katie
12. Melissa

Thanks so much for the awesome awards Sammye Jo & Leanne! I enjoy spreading the love and am glad to have you as friends! Happy Scrapping!

"A Proud member of The Lime Light. Click on over to see what we are doing."


Alicia said...

Aw thanks so much!
I am totally jealous of your antique store finds you wrote about.

BrendaB said...

Thanks so much, Crystal!

Jenny said...

Crystal you are so sweet!!! Thanks so much! I think you are wonderful!

Leanne said...

Awwww you are so sweet!! Thank you for the award and I'm so glad that our paths crossed and that we have become friends! I'll get this up just as soon as I can!!

Jenny said...

thanks crystal:)

Steph said...

Thanks girl!!!!!!!! You are too too kind!!!!

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