Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mental Block

okay, y'all, i am totally having a mental block! i cannot for the life of me get inspired to finish my WSB challenge that i should have had done sunday! i mentioned earlier that i had the paper and everything picked out, but nothing will come together. it is still the case. i sat down to work on it last night and just got stuck again. so i switched photos thinking that might inspire me some more. but to no avail - i still got nada, zilch, nothing done. i think i may have been working too much with my vintage stuff lately and now i can't stop wanting to play with that! LoL! who knows! i just love the colors for this challenge and really want to rock it out. hoping to get it finished tonight. if i feel okay that is. that's another thing too - been feeling kinda icky too. that sure doesn't help stuff either. i think it may have to do with feeling a little overwhelmed right now. who knows. but here is to hoping that i am up and running again tonight!

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coldwaters2 said...

Hi Crystal it's funny but I am in the same situation lol....I just cannot get anything to come together so I am just taking time out and give the old mojo a rest lol.

Lorraine x

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